3H SUMMER SCHOOL 2014 (21 Jul – 10 Aug 2014)

Summer School 2014

From Cradle to Cradle; Building for Responsible Consumption

Auroville Green Practices (AGP) 3H Summer School program is an initiative using Auroville and its outstanding experience in sustainable living as a platform for learning and personal growth for students from around the world.The program serves as an experimental and cross-disciplinary design laboratory connecting core human values, design theory, ideation and on-site building application around the selected lead theme From Cradle to Cradle; Building for Responsible Consumption. The aim is to train a new generation of environmental stewards that are capable of connecting hands (capacity), head (system thinking) and heart (personal strength) while working on system change for a more socially and environmentally just future.




    • Learning transformative leadership principles
      • Learning practices to ground their work in a shared vision of equality and justice
        • Experiencing cross cultural learning
          • Experiencing a project lifecycle
            • Gaining design experience with locally available building material
              • Hands-on site experience
                • Learning to design projects, transform existing systems and build for sustainable change and human well being


                • To provide an exciting hands-on learning experience for national & international students
                • To provide a platform for interaction with experts in the field
                • To spread the AV spirit of experimentation across to participants
                • To create a win-win situation for all facilitators and stakeholders (financially and socially)


The event is planned for a limited capacity of about 25 people. Expected participants are students of architecture, engineering, design, communication or young professionals from all over the world. No prior knowledge of sustainable building design is required. Come with an open mind and lots of enthusiasm!


The program is designed and based on the 3H (hands, head and heart) approach, which attempts to actualize participants’ inner strength, to activate critical system thinking and to work on students’ technical capacities of designing and implementing projects. Besides working on the design, implementation and documentation of the Bazaar, each participating student will design a project of their choice, which aims at bringing environmental or social justice and wellbeing.


Besides designing and building a Bazaar and its eco-system, students will get exposure to the
following topics: transformative leadership principles, system thinking, from cradle to cradle approach, climate responsive design, vernacular architecture, earth as building material, biological waste water treatment, sustainable water management, ecological landscaping, renewable energy systems and energy efficiency, ecological sanitation, urban agriculture, organic farming, social entrepreneurship, sustainable waste management, alternative education, complementary currencies, project planning and management.


The fees for the Summer School is INR 38,000 (USD 790/Euro 580) per student inclusive of accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bicycle hire, materials and facilitation for all activities and all taxes. All meals are vegetarian. Alcohol is not permitted in Auroville guest houses. Registration will be closed once the limited capacity of 25 participants is filled. If a facilitator is unavailable, then we will substitute the relevant activity with a similar one.

Registration Coordinator
Martin Scherfler
Auroville Green Practices
Tel: +91 9498 144 076
Email: info@agpworkshops.com